This October, we’re heading out on an extraordinary journey to Champagne, and our host through the effervescent world of sparkling wines is none other than our friend, Andre Boada, the brilliant Founder of Vinocadre and co-founder of Six Twists Tasting Room in Fredericksburg, Texas. We sat down with Andre to dive deeper into the fascinating story of Six Twists, uncovering its beginnings and getting exclusive insights into the upcoming trip.

Andre Boada, founder of Six Twists

The Origin Story: Unveiling the Essence of Six Twists

In the heart of downtown Fredericksburg, Texas, a wine haven was born out of Andre’s two-decade love affair with the wine industry, especially sparkling wines. His travels, including a transformative visit to Champagne, France, sparked a new appreciation for the effervescence of true Champagne. Partnering with Bobby and Mellisa Humphreys, the dream of Six Twists Sparkling became a reality, a lounge where the magic of sparkling wines comes alive. The name “Six Twists” itself is a nod to the artistry of opening sparkling wines – a journey of six twists to unleash the “Muselet” wire cage.

Filling the Gap: Elevating the Texas Hill Country Experience

Inspired by the marketing concept of “Gap Analysis,” a concept that allows you to discover special needs in a competitive set, Andre recognized a need for an elevated sparkling wine lounge in the Texas Hill Country. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of the wine industry, Six Twists Sparkling was meticulously crafted to fill this gap, offering a unique and sophisticated experience to wine enthusiasts.

Philosophy Behind the Bubbles: Curating Excellence

At Six Twists, the philosophy is not about making wine; it’s about curating an exceptional selection through endless tastings and personal relationships with small growers worldwide. The menu, crafted with a keen eye for unique selections that offer value, boasts over 80 sparkling wines from around the globe. Champagne, representing 50% of the mix, takes center stage. It’s a constant pursuit of excellence, studying guest reactions and raising the bar on quality through innovative flights and a special sparkling wine preservation system.

Six Twists Tasting Room

Setting Six Twists Apart: A Sparkling Wonderland

What sets Six Twists apart? It proudly boasts the largest selection of sparkling wines offered by the glass, making it one of the largest selections within the entire United States. Prepare to immerse yourself in a sparkling wonderland where each sip is a journey of its own.

Why Journey to Champagne?

Six Twists, specializing in Champagne and sparkling wines, embarks on extensive travels to the renowned region, connecting intimately with the birthplace of effervescence. Andre decided to partner with Wine Lovers Travel on this upcoming trip to Champagne in October because of our reputation and personal concierge services.

The decision to collaborate on this extraordinary trip stems from Andre’s annual travels to Champagne. This exclusive opportunity allows a small group to witness behind-the-scenes magic within his world as a high-level “Advanced Sommelier at The Court of Master Sommeliers.”Andre eagerly anticipates reconnecting with personal friends who are Champagne producers and aims to educate consumers about the rich tapestry of the wine region. For their club members and travelers, the goal is to ignite a new passion and appreciation for sparkling wines, particularly those from small artisan growers.

Travel, for Six Twists, is not just a journey; it’s a profound contribution to the wine club experience. This trip will provide incredible insights into the art of Champagne, bringing intimate relationships with producers to the forefront, enriching the overall tasting adventure.

Join Us In Champagne!

Come, savor the elegance, and experience the magic of Champagne with Andrea Boada and Six Twists Tasting Room – where Champagne dreams become a sparkling reality. Cheers to a journey filled with bubbles and bliss!

About Andre Boada:

A 20-year veteran in the industry, shares a glimpse into his extensive experience – from winery brand development worldwide to being a wine speaker for Food & Wine Magazine, a wine writer, and an international wine judge. Six Twists Tasting Room is not just a destination; it’s a celebration of two decades of expertise, poured into every glass.