Gail Sherman

CEO of Wine Lovers Travel

Gail is the founder and CEO of Wine Lovers Travel, driven by her love for wine and travel, which inspired her to create a business centered on unforgettable travel experiences. With a passion for uncovering hidden gems around the world and savoring exceptional wines, Gail decided to merge her two greatest passions and share them with fellow enthusiasts like you. Her belief that travel should offer an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience serves as the guiding principle behind every meticulously planned itinerary, ensuring that each trip is more than just a vacation—it’s an unforgettable journey.

Gail’s passion for both the wine and travel industries has enabled her to forge meaningful and long-lasting connections with some of the industry’s top winemakers, sommeliers, hotel owners and insiders in both the US and abroad. Through these connections, she stays ahead of the curve, offering her travelers exclusive access to unique experiences. Her favorite wine, Chateauneuf du Pape, holds a special place in her heart, especially when Mourvèdre is the predominant grape. Its earthiness evokes memories of one of the most enchanting places in France—a fitting sentiment for Gail, who proudly declares herself a Francophile.

Gail Sherman - Founder of Wine Lovers Travel
Lindsey Sullivan

Lindsey Sullivan

Reservation Specialist

Lindsey Sullivan, the Reservation Specialist at Wine Lovers Travel, is here to answer all your questions and help you with your bookings and travel plans! She has been working in travel for almost 3 years now and she loves it. Before that, she used to work as a camera assistant while living in Los Angeles. She now lives in Atlanta and enjoys working from home while taking care of her son. Her favorite place to travel to is the mountains. She loves how peaceful it is and she enjoys looking at beautiful scenery. Her favorite type of wine is Bordeaux because she’s fancy like that.

Stefanie Colburn

Marketing Manager

Stefanie Colburn, is the Marketing Manager at Wine Lovers Travel. Stefanie oversees our bi-weekly newsletters, manages partnerships and collaborations, and spearheads our marketing endeavors. Her favorite wine is a Primitivo from Puglia. She holds this varietal close to her heart as it’s where she tied the knot. One of her favorite travel memories includes exploring the enchanting beaches and restaurants of Ibiza with friends.

Stefanie Colburn
Christopher Carbaugh

Christopher Carbaugh - Hoot Host

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Christopher Carbaugh is the founder of Hoot Host, who manages the online presence of Wine Lovers Travel. Christopher, Amy, and the team at Hoot Host have helped Wine Lovers Travel build our beautiful website and assist in marketing efforts too. Hoot Host supports several wineries in South America and Europe, so being part of the Wine Lovers Travel team was an obvious fit. Wine and travel are two of Christopher’s favorite aspects of life. Based in Monterey California, Christopher spends the weekends enjoying the amazing wineries of Central and Northern California. Recently he has been savoring Syrah more than his other favorites. He is also an avid international traveler to popular wine destinations like New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and beyond!

Amy Hang

Website Maintenance

Amy Hang is the lead website developer of Hoot Host. Along with Christopher and the team at Hoot Host, she helps with the Wine Lovers Travel website. She loves learning about the local culture when she visits somewhere for the first time. One of her favorite experiences with wine and travel is wine tasting through the many wine farms in South Africa. Her go-to wine is anything sparkling and rosé!

Amy Hang