Did you catch the latest eco-friendly change at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)? They’ve taken a green leap by banning single-use plastic water bottles. This change, which quietly rolled out, surprised many when the media flooded us with updates in July and August.

So now, if you’re at LAX and your parched throat screams for hydration, your best bet is a reusable water bottle. But the hunt for the perfect one can be challenging.

I decided to scour Amazon for the ideal travel companion—a foldable water bottle. Amidst the choices, two bottles stood out with rave reviews, which, in hindsight, seem a bit dubious.

Folding Water Bottles: The Collapsable Chronicles

Amazon Return #1

I decided to snag a deal with a $20 foldable bottle. It looked promising until its “foldability” became its best-kept secret.

I tried arm twirls, leg swings, and a dramatic interpretive dance. The bottle refused to fold, but on the plus side, Cirque du Soleil called and asked if I was available next Tuesday.

Amazon Return #2

Not one to be easily defeated, I upped my game (and budget) and went for the $35 chic purple bottle, perfectly resonating with the Wine Lovers Travel vibe.

And guess what? It folded! Yes! Yes! Yes! It folded perfectly.

But the real challenge? Unfolding it. It was like a puzzle, and even with my husband chipping in, we almost reached for our toolbox. What a joke!

Q: How many people does it take to unfold a travel bottle?
A: Two. One to wrestle with it, and another to remind each other they could’ve just brought wine.

Travel enthusiasts, I need your wisdom. Share your secret if you’ve cracked the code and found that perfect travel water bottle. Send us a snap or a clip, and you might be our next spotlight in the Wine Lovers Travel newsletter.

So, if you’ve found a water bottle that’s more flexible than a gymnast and less puzzling than a Rubik’s Cube, we’re waiting to hear from you! And if you haven’t, just remember—while the right water bottle might save you from thirst, a bottle of wine can save you from almost everything else.

Cheers to hydration,

Gail Sherman, Wine Lovers Travel

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