8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bosnia Now

It’s no secret that Croatia is a hot destination right now. With its beautiful views, vast history, and breathtaking sunsets, it’s quickly gaining the attention of travelers all over the globe. However, when I was recently at Alma Rosa Winery on California’s Central Coast, winemaker and Bosnian native Samra Morris further piqued my interest in her home country.

Although many folks associate Bosnia with the war from decades ago, I’d like to tell you why it is a fabulous place to add to your travel list. Here are eight reasons you should visit Bosnia now. Spoiler: You can tour with us on our next trip!

8 Reasons to Visit Bosnia

See the Balkans in Bosnia.
The Balkan Peninsula is one of Europe’s most beautiful areas. From stunning snow-topped mountains to quaint villages, visiting the Balkans feels like you’re taking a step back in time. Its claim to fame is the spectacular scenery, which is breathtaking no matter where you look.

Explore Bosnia without over-tourism.
No one likes dealing with overcrowded destinations, which is one reason why sustainable travel and heading to lower-key places have been trending for a while. Bosnia hasn’t hit the radar screens of many folks busy checking other sites off their travel list, so now is a great time to go to Bosnia!

Keep your budget in mind while touring Bosnia.
Bosnia is ideal if you’re looking for a destination where you can stretch your funds. Unlike many other European destinations, you can still travel without it impacting your wallet too heavily. Or you can spend the same amount while upgrading to more luxe experiences throughout the country.

Experience life in Bosnian cities.
Although many areas are known for natural beauty, you can still experience cafe culture and urban life in metropolitan areas, such as Sarajevo and Tuzla. Staying in the city allows you to explore on foot or take public transportation while stopping at museums, shopping, and living amongst the locals during your stay.

Immerse yourself in Bosnia’s rich history.
The country used to be a part of Yugoslavia, and there is a long-standing history before that. If you crave history, there are many places to visit, such as the Sarajevo Tunnel, the Latin Bridge, and the National Museum. Wherever you travel in Bosnia, you’ll find a bit of the country’s rich history.

Seek outdoor adventure in Bosnia.
Outside experiences abound in Bosnia. From beautiful waterfalls, like Pliva and Skakavac, to jumping off a bridge in Mostar — a tradition that started in 1664 — you can immerse yourself in any level of outdoor adventure while you’re there.

Survey a pyramid inside Bosnia.
Move over Egypt, there’s a new pyramid in town — maybe. Although it definitely isn’t new, the Bosnian Pyramid is a perfectly shaped, triangular hill near Sarajevo. Whether it’s a foliage-covered human-made pyramid or simply a uniquely-shaped mountain has long been debated. Either way, it’s worth seeing in person if you visit Bosnia.

Sip Bosnian wine and its various flavors.
Even if you think internationally, places like Spain and Italy come to mind regarding wine regions. However, this country will surprise you when it comes to its unique flavors. Often described as fresh and bright, the wines are young and have notes of fruits and herbs. They’re worth a taste whether you head to a winery or order local varietals during dinner.

Ready to travel to Bosnia? Well, get ready to add Croatia and Herzegovina to that list, too. You’ll visit wineries while seeing some of these countries’ best views. I hope to see you on our next trip there in 2023!