Ljubljana will be home base, with day trips to all the places and activities listed below.

Hotel Cubo is a sleek, modern hotel next to the pedestrian-only old town. This is where I stayed on my recent visit and loved it. Comfy beds, high quality finishes, complemental mobile phones during your stay and one of the best, served breakfasts.

All transportation will be in Mercedes V-class vehicles with private drivers.

Day 1
Private transfer from airport to hotel
Note: If group arrives in Venice instead, transfers will also be provided (about 2 ½ hours). Pricing will be adjusted accordingly

Day 2
Ljubljana, The most charming capital in Europe

Private walking tour of Slovenia foods and wine, including tastes at each stop
Top Ljubljana Foods Traditional food walk will take you through the old Ljubljana town. During a 3-4 hour guided long easy walk you will learn about the city, stories of the people, architecture, history of Slovene nation and of course – local and national gastronomy. Top Ljubljana Foods is much more than a food tour and definitely not your usual city tour.

During the food tour 9 traditional dishes from a variety of different cuisines from all parts and circles of society of Slovenia and 4 varietals of wine will be tasted along familiarizing yourself with historical Ljubljana center and hearing an overview of the history of Slovenes. At the end of the tour your tummy will be full, your thirst will be gone, and you will know more about the history of Slovenes then some of our fellow citizens. You will also be in the know about the old town and know where to go next, what to do next and what to eat next. It’s a perfect way to start your stay in our beautiful and tasty capital city!

Start time is flexible and adjustable to your wishes. Suggested start around 11:00 am.
Ljubljana Castle guided tour with a glass of sparkling wine on the tower.

Only with a castle guide can you view the artesian well and the oldest preserved system for pumping water with a large walking wheel dating from the beginning of the 19th century.

You can also view the Estates Hall and the Palatium, as well as Erasmus’ Prison and Frederick’s Tower with the castle lady’s room from the 15th century. The Pentagonal Tower, which today serves as an exhibition space, has a story of its own, as does the Castle Chapel of St George with its unique Baroque paintings of coats-of-arms.

Holding a glass of sparkling wine while enjoying the best view of the old town will leave you breathless.

This part of the tour is organized with a private local English-speaking castle guide.

Day 3
Alpine region – Lakes Bled & Bohinj
Secrets of romantic Bled island & Slovenia’s largest glacial lake Bohinj

After breakfast, we will proceed to Bled and visit the castle perched on the top of the cliff and the famous 17th-century church built on the small iconic island in the middle of the lake. A traditional wooden “Pletna” boat reserved just for you, will l take you to the island.

Enjoy some free time by the lake and of course, you will not be leaving Bled without tasting its traditional, delicious pastry – cream cake called “Kremšnita”.

Continue to Bohinj, our largest glacial lake located in the Triglav National Park. Take a walk by the lake and admire its stunning landscape and surrounding mountain peaks. Lake Bohinj’s natural environment will impress you while it shows a different face each season.

Stop in a local restaurant or tourist farm to taste delicious alpine cheese, before returning back to Ljubljana.

Optional activities and/or entrance fees:

Vintgar gorge (if opened): 10 € / person or Savic waterfall: 3 € / person

Church of the Assumption with a wishing bell (located on Bled island): 12,00 € / person

Day 4
Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle, Lipica (Lipizzaner Horses) Stud farm and Winery

Visit of Vipava Valley
Unique Postojna cave (exclusive private visit with a glass of sparkling wine inside)
In the morning you will head to the Postojna Cave to enjoy its spectacular stone formations with a private guide. The guided tour of Postojna Cave will consist of a ride by electrical train and a walk through beautiful underground passages and chambers with spectacular drop stones, pillars, limestone curtains, and other natural stone forms. Have you ever been in a spaghetti room? After your visit, you’ll be able to say “yes.” We’ll toast the caves with a glass of sparkling wine inside.

Unbelievable Predjama castle

Continue to the idyllic village of Predjama, where you will be amazed by our fairy tale medieval Predjama Castle, famous for its dramatic setting in the gaping mouth of a cavern halfway up a hillside. Learn about the legend of the knight Erasmus “Slovenian Robin Hood”.

Lipica stud farm

Next stop at Lipica, the homeland of the white Lipizzaner – famous horse of the Spanish riding school in Vienna.

The history of the Stud farm and Lipizzaner horses are closely intertwined with the Habsburgs who ruled as many as 650 years over an extensive part of baroque Europe. Among all horse breeds, the Spanish horse was considered an ideal breed. They provided a crucial strategic advantage and were thus of outstanding importance to the Habsburgs. You will hear this fascinating story on our walk around the property.
Of course, this will not be just a regular visit. After our walk, you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy a real carriage ride followed by a picnic in nature on the Stud farm’s property.

Winery visit with tasting (Vipava Valley)
Off the beaten path to the Vipava Valley – a friendly wine country where winemakers are always happy to see you, presenting in person a taste of their excellent wine. It is known for its crisp and aromatic fresh white wines and for progressive and bold winemakers. No winetasting in Slovenia is complete without a gracious platter of local charcuterie, cheese and olives, and this winery offers their locally-produced (including some homemade) treats.

Day 5
Ljubljana – Zagreb
Private transfer from Ljubljana to Esplanade Zagreb Hotel and start of Croatia Trip