Every wine lover knows that late-night craving: you’re sipping on a glass of red, and suddenly, you need a snack. You don’t want to mess with UberEats or cook up something fancy. Nope, you just want to raid your pantry for something simple that pairs perfectly with your glass of red wine

We’ve been there too, so we’ve got you covered with a list of the 10 best easy snacks you can grab from your pantry to pair with your red wine. 


Best Snacks to Pair with Your Red Wine


Popcorn and red wine

1. Popcorn

Pair With: Pinot Noir

So, we all have a bag of microwavable popcorn sitting in our pantry right? They’re light, airy, and just the right amount of salty. Popcorn and Pinot Noir are a match made in heaven. The wine’s light-bodied and fruity notes complement the simple, buttery goodness of popcorn. And what better snack to enjoy with your wine and movie than popcorn? Nothing beats it, of course.


Red wine and dark chocolate

2. Dark Chocolate

Pair With: Cabernet Sauvignon

We know, this one is a popular choice, but we just couldn’t keep it off the list. We love rich dark chocolate, which pairs beautifully with a bold Cab Sav. The wine’s deep flavors of blackcurrant and oak complement the bittersweet chocolate, creating a classic and delicious flavor combination perfect for a late-night snack.


Red wine and cheese

3. Cheese Board

Pair With: Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon (depending on your cheese type)

Open that fridge door and take a look at whatever cheese you have in there. We guarantee it will pair perfectly with your glass of red wine. Found a soft cheese like Brie? No problem—pair with Merlot for its smooth and fruity profile. What about hard cheese like Cheddar or Gouda? Go for a Cabernet Sauvignon. The best part about cheese and wine is the endless possibilities, and whatever cheese you’ve got in there is guaranteed to match!


Red wine and potato chips

4. Potato Chips

Pair With: Pinot Noir

Regardless of the flavor you choose, chips will always be crispy, salty, and a perfect match for the light, fruity notes of a Pinot Noir. The saltiness of the chips enhances the wine’s flavors, while the crunch adds a satisfying texture. Chips are likely something you’ll find in your pantry, so next time you grab a bag, make sure you pair it with some delicious wine. 


Chips and Salsa

5. Chips and Salsa

Pair With: Zinfandel

Not feeling the chips so much? Have you considered adding a kick of salsa and matching it with tortilla chips? The spicy kick of salsa and the crunch of chips pair wonderfully with Zinfandel’s bold, peppery notes. The wine’s fruitiness also helps to balance the heat, making this a perfect snack option. 


Cheesy Puffs

6. Cheesy Puffs

Pair With: Lambrusco

Cheesy puffs, whether they’re the puffed corn snacks coated with cheese flavoring you find at the store, or homemade cheddar cheese puffs made with milk, butter, flour and eggs, pair really well with wine. They’re one of our favorite snacks! They are also a great match for Lambrusco—the wine’s slight fizz and sweet, fruity profile complement the cheese, making for a really delicious snacking experience.


Apples and peanut butter

7. Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Pair With: Zinfandel

On the refreshing and healthy side, sweet apple slices with creamy peanut butter make for a deliciously sweet and savory snack. Pair this with Zinfandel to bring out the wine’s fruitiness and add a fun twist to the classic snack. When we’re looking for something refreshing, we always grab apples—they never fail to make our wine experience better.


Red wine and trail mix

8. Trail Mix

Pair With: Pinot Noir

Super easy to grab and mix together, a handful of trail mix—with its blend of nuts, dried fruit, and sometimes even chocolate—pairs really well with a light and fruity Pinot Noir. The variety of flavors and textures in the trail mix highlights the wine’s complexity, creating a delicious snacking experience. 


Hummus and veggies

9. Veggie Sticks with Hummus

Pair With: Malbec


Another healthy option for you, but an easily accessible one with lots of options. Crunchy veggie sticks, like carrots, celery, radishes or cucumbers, are a great pairing for Malbec. The wine’s earthy notes match well with the savory flavors of hummus, creating a satisfying snack that’s both light and flavorful.



10. Pretzels

Pair With: Barbera


Last on our list, are salty, crunchy pretzels! They’re the perfect companion for Barbera’s bright, acidic, and fruity profile. The saltiness of the pretzels enhances the wine’s flavors, making them a simple yet delicious snack to pair with your red wine. Enjoy the satisfying crunch with this classic combination. 


Feeling Inspired? Try These Quick and Easy Appetizers!

Got a bit of extra time and feel like stepping up your snack game? Here’s a list of quick snacks you can whip up using ingredients from your fridge. They require a bit more effort, but make for a delicious pairing with your red wine. 


1. Easy to Make Classic Italian Bruschetta

Pairs With: Chianti


You only need the basics for this appetizer, as long as you have some herbs, olive oil, tomatoes and bread—you can create a delicious bruschetta! For a classic Italian version, start by chopping the basil, tomatoes, and garlic, then mixing them with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Set aside. Next, add some cheese, garlic and oil onto toast and pop it in the oven. Once ready, top your bread with the tomato mixture. 


Pair with a light and fruity wine like Chianti or Sangiovese. Their vibrant acidity complements the flavors without overpowering. Quick, easy, and always satisfying, classic Italian bruschetta is sure to hit the spot. 


2. Grilled Cheese

Pairs With: Merlot


Ever tried pairing your late-night grilled cheese with wine? Bet not! It’s surprisingly delicious, especially with a smooth Merlot. Its ripe fruit notes balance the cheese’s richness while complementing its flavors. Bonus: making grilled cheese at home is a breeze. Use your favorite bread and cheese—think gouda, fontina, Swiss, Monterey Jack, or cheddar—then grill until golden brown. Enjoy with wine any time of day! 


3. A Classic Charcuterie Board 

Pairs With: Any wine of your choosing! It’s all about your personal preferences and the delicious bites you include on your charcuterie board. 


You name it, there’s a charcuterie board for it. Take a peek inside your fridge and pantry and gather all the cheeses, meats, crackers and other bits you have on hand to create a delicious charcuterie board that’s uniquely yours! There’s really no wrong way to do it. For those moments when you’re ready to elevate your wine experience, whip up a quick charcuterie board and enjoy it with literally any wine you have at home. It’s all about indulging in the flavors and creating your perfect pairing. 


Alright, wine lovers, now that we’re settling in for a movie with our favorite glass of red wine, we’ve got the perfect snack solutions ready. Whether you’re in the mood to craft a delicious experience with a charcuterie board, or simply crave the convenience of grabbing a bag of crunchy snacks from the pantry, we’ve got you covered with the best options and wine pairings. 


We hope our suggestions have given you some inspo, but ultimately, whatever snack you enjoy with your red wine is up to you! There is a red wine that pairs well with practically any snack you can think of, so get creative and have fun. Happy wine pairing!